I can’t say enough good things about Lucy Sanford and the services she provides.

My partner and I bought an almost brand new house in March and we were so excited to move in!  A few months later I started having problems sleeping and did not feel well in this beautiful new house.  It got so severe that I could no longer live in the house.  We didn’t know where to turn and thought we might even have to sell.  It was a very stressful and confusing situation to be in.  No one we knew had ever experienced anything like this.  Luckily someone gave us Lucy’s contact info and after her first visit things immediately improved.  She was incredibly thorough and was able to take all kinds of helpful measurements with her incredible array of sophisticated gadgets.  A lot of her recommendations were very simple and easy to implement but made the world of difference in how I felt in the space.  Lucy knew so well what I was feeling and experiencing and had so much compassion for our situation.  She checked back in to make sure we were doing well and went above and beyond to search for solutions for the trouble spots in our house.  I’m now able to live in our home again and that has been such a massive relief.  Even though a lot of people may not be as sensitive or feel as sick as I did in my house I would still recommend that everyone have things checked over in their home.  Your health is worth it!  My partner who felt “just fine” in our house before Lucy’s visit now sleeps much more deeply every night and can really feel the difference.  Our technologies are advancing faster than our wisdom of how to use them and I’m so grateful that Lucy has the knowledge and expertise to help people really be healthy in their own homes.

Tannis Beamer
Font Hill, Ontario


I want to thank Lucy for the amazing work she has done on my humongous property.

I live on a 15 acre property and Lucy came and did her magic. People come here and without even knowing that Lucy’s work has been done, they all say that something is different now. The energy is totally different, it feels different; they say that it feels more open, lighter and much more inviting. 

People are more attracted to this place.

Something has totally shifted on this property. I have experienced the most amazing things. The energy now flows so smoothly. 

I have had people showing up at the right time for the right reasons. I have had THINGS showing up from nowhere. 

I am and will be forever be so grateful to Lucy for her beautiful work here. And she does it with so much knowledge and grace. She truly walks the talk of what she believes is the cause of so many of our illnesses and blockages. 

Thank you Lucy

Port Colborne


What I can say is that the atmosphere improved significantly.

The staff and customers laugh and enjoy themselves more, that I feel a whole lot better health wise, that I moved to the recommended back room and my mental clarity is improving and that replacing the cordless phones with corded ones and not sitting next to the wifi was a huge education and improvement overall, that I feel that the customers are also benefiting from all of this and I am really happy that my staff’s health is also benefitting from all these techy changes and precautions.

My cough reflex from the electromagnetic thing is almost gone, that you gave excellent advice and have been tremendously supportive, that I am really, really glad that I did the current and water veins and that I recommend this service to all.

That it has been an absolute pleasure to meet you and to know that I have had the benefit of all of your knowledge, which is beyond price. You have given me so much more than I ever dreamed of and to receive your support in other areas has been particularly validating and has meant so much me.  Much of what I have experienced has been validated and I feel that gradually I am getting stronger and more in tune myself and the world around me.

Annette McCook
Owner of Annette’s Bridal Store, St. Catharine’s, Ontario


When my partner and I moved to our new home in Crystal Beach we were so happy and excited for our future in our new home & community.

I however was experiencing troubled sleep, feeling lethargic and sensing a malevolent energetic presence in our new home. Lucy measured all possible electromagnetic fields, radio frequency fields and dirty electricity that might be affecting our well-being and detected any existing grid misalignments affecting our home and property.  With her finely tuned and exceedingly accurate sense of knowing and the instruments of her profession, Lucy was able to root out any existing interferences.

What a joy and relief to have our home reconfigured to a benevolent structure aligned to a naturally peaceful and harmonizing state of being.

I am so grateful to Lucy for all her compassionate expertise and diligent thought and fortitude when engaging in her professional work. She also continues to learn through her process and continues to share her new insights.  I appreciate her sharing this new knowledge to help empower others to know & act upon daily activities for upkeep and management.

Both my husband and I are very intuitive and sensitive to all environmental conditions. We strive to live the best we can with these gifts, and as I know from my own practise, it often takes another person to assist with our own problematic areas of life, as often we are too close or feeling the effects to be of maximum help to ourselves.

Lucy shines a naturally lighted path of truth and wisdom for all!!

Anita V.Shewchuk
Crystal Beach, Ontario


Last Tuesday a very special and talented woman by the name of Lucy Sanford came to heal some of the grid lines at Angel’s Landing.

It took many hours in the heat and yet as she worked you could feel a different level of happiness and contentment on all levels. The shifting has continued to happen which also includes a more direct and easier clarity of thought and knowingness for everyone. We can’t wait to see and feel what more will happen. I would highly recommend that you contact Lucy to find out more of her process and how she may help support, enhance or heal your space.

Tracey Ross
Proprietor of Angels Landing, Port Colborne, Ontario


Having Lucy Sanford energy balance your home is a highly recommendable experience.

I recently completed building a new house and desired to carefully curb the effects of any unbeneficial geopathic stress that might be affecting key living spaces. I also wanted the entire house balanced. Lucy methodically tested and dowsed the house, clearly identifying the different types of stress lines. She then carefully worked to mediate these energies. I am now sleeping more soundly, have more energy and am not waking up enervated and spaced out. As a person who is an experienced dowser myself, I was very impressed with Lucy’s sensitivity and skill level. I am grateful for the ways in which her work has contributed to the health and wellness of those who live here and I greatly appreciate that Lucy has kept in regular touch providing tips on how to maintain the energy in peak condition.

David Fancy
PhD, Font Hill, Ontario
Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Geomancer Lucy Sanford