Terrestrial Radiation

As a Geomancer, I am trained in the art of Radiesthesia, also known as Vibrational Dowsing. Dowsing is considered “an intuitive skill, based on a psychic ability that involves a dialogue with the subconscious, which can be ‘programmed’ (such as in driving or mastering sports) to detect specific subtle energy effects”, (Ibrahim Karim, Ph.D., Dr.Sc.). My work instills harmony and flow in the home environment by balancing these subtle energy effects with the installation of specially designed ‘corrections’. It is a science of quality, which changes the quality of these effects. There is no set price per property as each property is different. Often, a phone call ahead of time can help me determine an accurate estimate range.

The Earth has a grid system; a living, electromagnetic web of lines running north/south, east/west and diagonally, crossing and criss-crossing each other, as well as underground water flowing in different directions, all upon which we live. Unfortunately, in today’s world with the layers of ubiquitous, technological energies in our environment including radio frequencies from cell towers, cell phones and other forms of wireless communication networks, plus electromagnetic fields travelling through our hydro lines and wiring, and excess electricity running through the ground etc., these natural grid lines are becoming increasingly toxic as they are forced to conduct more and more of these energies from our environment.

I measure the results by the reaction of my clients. After these lines have been harmonized, many of them have reported improved sleep, a calming of their nervous systems, increased energy, a general feeling of improved well-being and an ‘awakening’ of their spirit, (although no medical claims can be, or are being made). Some have even reported a deeper connection to the Divine and a sudden or increased ability of clairvoyance, clairaudience and/or clairsentience.

Here’s a basic description of earth grid lines and water veins:

The Benker Grid

The Benker Grid was discovered by Anton Benker (1895-1983). He was a master carpenter and avid dowser from Landshut, Germany. The Benker is one of the largest and most toxic of the grid lines, and generally runs north to south and east to west approximately every 30’ and can be up to several feet wide. There can be variances depending upon geographical location. Unlike the other grids, it is a cubical, 3 dimensional structure and has a floor, walls and a ceiling and each ‘cube’ stacks on top of the other. Because of its cubical structure and its thickness of lines, its radiation is intense and can attract a lot of negative energy.

The Hartmann Grid

The Hartmann Grid was discovered in 1954 by Ernst Hartmann, a physician. The Hartmann Grid is the same orientation as the Benker Grid. Its lines generally run north to south and east to west approximately every 6-8’ in the north/south direction and up to 10’ apart in the east/west. They can measure up to 12″ wide. Again, there can be variances depending upon geographical location. The Benker Grid is superimposed on it.

The Curry Grid

The Curry Grid is named after Manfred Curry who published it in 1952. The Curry Grid was actually discovered by Siegfried Wittmann 2 years earlier in 1950. The Curry lines run diagonal to the Hartmann and Benker Grids, approximately every 8 – 11′ apart and can vary up to 16” wide. Less common are the Curry Wide lines. The variances again, depend upon geographical location.

The areas where these lines cross each other will likely have a greater geopathic effect.

Underground water flows

Underground water flows beneath the earth, and can come from all directions and branch off into tributaries.

In her book “Geopathic Stress and Subtle Energy”, Jane Thurnell-Read says this, “In general the faster the water flows, and the greater the volume of water flowing, the greater the geopathic effect. Where water suddenly changes levels, as happens where there are changes in geology, geopathic problems are likely to increase. The problems are likely to be particularly intense at sites over a spot where two underground streams cross, even if there is a considerable depth variation between them.”

In his book, Are You Sleeping In A Safe Place? Rolf Gordon offers this explanation, “The flow of water rubbing stones etc. creates an electromagnetic field in the opposite direction to the flow of water, which then disturbs the natural vibrations from inner earth going through the water making the vibrations high frequency.”

In my practice of working with earth energies, my preference is to assess the whole energetic structure of the environment, including the electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation affecting the grid lines, as well as the health of the individuals living within. Some of my clients who are more sensitive to energy have difficulty dealing with sudden changes to their environment. This is often because their own energies are not yet strong enough to handle such a shift. I like to first test my client’s compatibility with any corrections that I use. I may sometimes suggest that the remediation be done in steps so that their body has time to adjust. As their own energy level increases, we add the next step.

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Geomancer Lucy Sanford