In-person Inspections

Serving within 130 km radius of Berwick, Nova Scotia

Includes Digby to Halifax, Annapolis Valley Area, and South Shore from Lunenburg to Sackville


EMF & RF Inspections

Various inspections packages are available, ranging from a $50 Scouting Location Service to a $495 Full-Service Inspection

Scouting Location Services start at $50 and are priced according to distance of travel and number of locations scouted. These are ideal for buyers outside of Nova Scotia, looking for a home long-distance, in a low-EMF environment. Exterior measurements of electric and magnetic fields from hydro lines are taken, as well as exterior Radio Frequency Measurements from cell towers, WiFi, and Smart Meters etc. Cell tower locations and hydro lines are noted. The potential for a low-EMF environment is assessed. Measurements are taken from the road unless permission is granted otherwise.

Full-Service Inspections are $495 and include measurements of low frequency Electromagnetic Radiation, both exterior and interior from AC Electric and Magnetic Fields caused by power lines, transformers, household wiring, electronic equipment, computers, TV’s, appliances etc.;  exterior and interior high frequency Radio Frequency Fields from cell phones, cell towers, wireless computer networks routers, WiFi, WiMax, Dect cordless phones, Bluetooth, Smart Meters, Baby Monitors, security systems, radar etc.; Body Voltage measurements are taken that show the amount of electric fields that couple onto the body from the bed when sleeping; Dirty Electricity levels are noted; and stray currents on gas and water pipes caused by wiring errors are looked for.

Partial Inspection Services and Pre-Sale Home Inspections are available and are priced upon discussion

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Earth Gid & Earth Acupuncture Services

The location and mapping of Earth Grids that travel under the home and affect key living areas is priced according to the size of the area mapped and the type of grid lines located.  Service prices range from $100 and upwards. Solutions involve movement of furniture. Priced upon pre-inspection phone discussion.

The Earth Acupuncture Service is a seasonal service which harmonizes the grid lines by changing the quality of the energy passing through the lines and is priced separately. There are three grid systems that I work with: The Benker Grid, the Hartmann Grid and the Curry Grid. Priced according to the size and area mapped and the number of grid lines harmonized. Service prices range from $150 upwards. Priced upon pre-inspection phone discussion.

The Benker Grid is the most toxic of the three and therefore, the most highly recommended to start with. Not only are the Benker lines wider than the other grid lines, but the structure is also a cubical structure, giving it a floor, ceiling, and walls of radiation. The Benker lines are approximately every 30’, running north to south and east to west.

Whereas the Hartmann and Curry grid lines are narrower than the Benker lines, have only a floor of radiation, and are closer together. The Hartmann Grid lines run north to south and east to west. The Curry Grid lines run northwest to southeast and northeast to southwest. See the artists’ image to the left. This image is done to scale, however the scale itself was created for a much larger image.

The Earth Grid and Earth Acupuncture Workshop is an option for those who want to learn to map and harmonize their own grid lines. Cost for workshop is $200. Workshops start 1st Sunday in April, June, August and October and run from 2-4 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4).

It is presented in 4 X 2-hour sessions on Zoom over a 5-week period. Participants are limited to 6 people and must have their own dowsing tools, with L-rods likely being the most available. Presentation notes and homework are emailed after each session.

Phone 902-375-2558, E-Mail

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Geomancer Lucy Sanford