Living On The Grid


Living On The Grid

Total Time 2 hours (2 X 1 hour segments)

We are electric, magnetic Beings, living in an invisible weave of natural, electromagnetic earth lines and underground water veins within a sea of man-made electromagnetic radiation and we are out of alignment.

Speaking from the heart, Lucy brings light to a topic that is fast becoming the biggest environmental crisis we have ever seen – today’s man-made electromagnetic radiation environment and its biological effect on human, planetary and animal life. And yet, few know about it and less are talking about it, while every year more and more people are indeed waking up to the fact that something is definitely ‘off’.

Segment One

Interactively engaging with her audience, Lucy uses volunteers and professional meters to measure the electromagnetic fields in the room environment and their biological effects. We get to see and hear these invisible EMF fields emanating from common objects. Lucy shows us ways we can help to reduce this harmful radiation to promote well-being and strengthen our immune systems, while still enjoying the benefits of technology.

Segment Two

Q & A.

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Geomancer Lucy Sanford