Limitless Self

a rare and inspirational video series
Lucy uses her unique blend of storytelling, humour and spoken word to take us on her transformational journey of healing from electrosensitivity through stage four cancer, using the power of her mind.


In Part 1 of this inspirational video series, Lucy uses humor, drama and spoken word to take us on her spiritual journey of transformation from a #1 real estate agent through a mysterious 20 year illness to her diagnosis of ElectroHyperSensitivity or EHS and the biological symptoms of EMF, into escape and isolation from electromagnetic fields, and her incredible and surprising experience of hearing God speak to her.


In Part 2, Lucy discovers how her own personal energy and thoughts can dictate her reaction to the environment, and thus her symptoms of ElectroHyperSensitivity or EHS. She is introduced to the Law of Attraction and the world of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics.


In Part 3, Lucy tells us the story of experiencing her body dematerialize, as she transforms into the body of a seagull and takes flight. We are uplifted with her. As we continue on her journey, we are reminded of our own power to raise our frequency and our limitless nature.


In Part 4, Lucy draws us into the world of our subconscious or unconscious minds and how the Ego uses us to keep it’s power – through our emotions, our symptoms, our illnesses and our thoughts. We laugh at ourselves and are astounded as to the brilliant but simple truth of our limiting habits, beliefs and patterns and how they unconsciously control our actions.


In Part 5, Lucy tells us the story of her daily process to retrain her brain and drop her limiting habits and beliefs. We follow her progress and are inspired to change our own perspective of ourselves, as we experience our own personal transformations.


In Part 6, Lucy stuns us with her diagnosis of stage four cancer and her ability to go through the healing process with grace and gratitude. We are inspired to change as we learn more and more about electromagnetic (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) fields and how they affect our biological systems and those that we love. Speaking with her heart, she gives us valuable information and ways to calm our environments, while still enjoying the benefits of technology. She encourages us to look outside of ourselves for the greater good of all. She speaks with love about her incredible journey and the gifts that she has received from The Universe as she meets her challenges. We are reminded that we are truly body, mind and spirit and wholeness is the harmonious amalgamation of all. To get to the light we must go through the dark. It is there in the unknown that we can truly expand our awareness and heal ourselves. We are limitless.

MY EGO AND I, a fantasy

In Part 7, the last part of this inspirational video series, Lucy fantasizes about the Ego and it’s control over our unconscious or subconscious mind. She tells a convincing story of it’s path from conception through our younger years and gives us a fresh perspective of how we get our limiting habits and beliefs and how we can overcome them to become limitless.

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Geomancer Lucy Sanford