Your Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist

A Basic Consultation Package for a 5 or 6 room home (with 2 or 3 bedrooms) includes quantitative measurements of the following fields:

Exterior and Interior AC (alternating current) Electric Fields, AC Magnetic Fields, Radio Frequency Fields, Dirty Electricity (interior only), Bed Maps showing the amount of Electric and Magnetic Fields generated from the bed (both before and after suggested remediation steps), and a Body Voltage test showing how much of these fields are ‘coupling’ onto the body. A 2nd person is required for this test. Each circuit in the house is then tested and marked at the panel, in order to detect any wiring errors or parallel neutral paths of current into the home.  A written report, suggesting remediation measures or other actions is e-mailed later to the client. It  is best for the owner(s) to be present for the inspection. Clear accessibility is required to the hydro panel, the furnace, air conditioning system and plumbing where it enters the house.

Please refer to Electromagnetic (EMF), Radio Frequency (RF) Fields and Dirty Electricity for detailed descriptions.

$495.00 for Basic Inspection + Travel/Time Cost if applicable.

  • + $50.00 for Each Additional Room
A boy in need of an electromagnetic radiation specialist.
Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Geomancer Lucy Sanford