We are electromagnetic Beings, living on an invisible weave of electromagnetic earth lines and underground water veins within a sea of man-made electromagnetic radiation, and we are out of alignment. My work harmonizes these energies so that one can resonate with a balanced and coherent environment. My ultimate goal is to inform, empower and inspire you to ReThink Calm for the highest good of all.
I am a certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) through the International Institute of Building-Biology ® and Ecology. This is a science of quantity, which reduces the amount of man-made radiation in residential environments. I am also a Geomancer, using Radiesthesia or vibrational dowsing to detect and then harmonize the geopathic energies emanating from the earth’s grid lines and the flow of underground water. This is a science of quality, which changes the quality of these electromagnetic emanations. I instill harmony and flow in environments.


For 24 years, I was a successful real estate agent in Toronto’s west end. After struggling for 20 years with a growing list of mysterious symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with a little-known condition called ElectroHyperSensitivty or EHS. I experienced first-hand, the devastating, biological effects of man-made electromagnetic fields on the human energy system. In 2009, I could no longer cope. I dropped my career, packed my bags and moved to the small town of Crystal Beach. It was an extraordinary time of healing, retraining my brain, reinventing myself, learning, creation and expansion; one that I would not change and am forever grateful.


I believe that no ‘one’ thing fixes it all. We are body, mind and spirit. I look at the entire energetic structure, including the energies of the people living there, and address the whole.


My work has taken me throughout the Niagara Peninsula to Toronto, Montreal, New York State and the Caribbean.


It is my sincere wish that with information and education, people will be inspired to want to make at least one change in their environment for the highest good of themselves and their loved ones.


Lucy Sanford
Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Geomancer Lucy Sanford