Healing from ElectroHyperSensitivity BODY, MIND, SPIRIT
We are electromagnetic Beings, living on an invisible weave of electromagnetic earth lines and underground water veins within a sea of man-made electromagnetic radiation, and we are out of alignment. My work harmonizes these energies so that one can resonate with a balanced and coherent environment. My ultimate goal is to inform, empower and inspire you to ReThink Calm for the highest good of all.”
Lucy Sanford

Reducing the amount of electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation in your environment by choosing safer options can bring almost immediate results.


If you want to THRIVE instead of survive, doing a program based on the latest neuroscientific discoveries is an excellent way to do this.


Raise your frequency. We are electric, magnetic Beings and attract those frequencies in the environment which are similar to ours.

HEALING from ElectroHyperSensitivity BODY, MIND & SPIRIT.

We are indeed body, mind and spirit and must address the whole in order to experience true healing. My goal here is to give you things you can do for very little money as well as for those who are more fortunate to have some money to invest.
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SYMPTOMS Of ElectroSensitivity

By 2017, the prediction is that 50% of the population will have some form of electrosensitivity, Hallberg and Oberfeld, 2006 in Electromagnetic Biology & Medicine.

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Lucy Sanford EMF consultations Ontario Toronto speaker
Healing Spirit
from ElectroHyperSensitivity
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Beings Of Frequency In A Wireless World
Symptoms of EHS
Between 3 and 35% had a moderate sensitivity

…I’m now able to live in our home again and that has been such a massive relief… My partner who felt “just fine” in our house before Lucy’s visit now sleeps much more deeply every night and can really feel the difference.

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Geomancer Lucy Sanford